splash ring


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Sterling silver 100% recycled

Size J – R, for other sizes please contact the workshop

38 x 23 x 33mm

Sandblasted and rhodium plated, polished ends

London hallmark  

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The award winning Splash ring in solid sterling silver, is a unusual and clever design for a striking statement ring. It was conceived as a design exercise whilst training in advanced CAD techniques.  This is a very dynamic and dramatic ring.

The theme was surf rolling and crashing against a rock face, and the resulting spray of water. The ring has been drawn on computer, split down into 6 parts, each part wax printed, cast in silver, and then the whole ring assembled and hand finished. It had been sandblasted & rhodium plated.  This is what gives it the soft appearance and dove grey colour very like platinum. 

The tips of the water flow are high polished, which when rhodium plated makes them mirror like. They will pick up colours from the environment and give the illusion of having stones set in the ends.

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