escalator ring


Sterling silver 100% recycled

Size K – V

23 x 30 x 29mm

Polished exterior with oxidised recesses

London hallmark

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The Escalator ring is part of the Egg Series.  In this instance, the task was to make 2 rings from one egg shape.  The whole egg has been split through the middle, creating 2 rings.  The picture you see here is of the ‘top’ of the egg as well as the ‘bottom’.  The top is slightly pointy underneath whereas the bottom is more rounded.  It  is an iconic design, sculptural in nature and architectural in form.

The design is clearly inspired by London’s Tube escalators, which Sarah spent years looking at before it occurred to her that the was a ring in there.  It is an iconic statement ring, original in design, sculptural in nature.  The oxidisation in the recesses serves to accentuate the form.

Sarah has been constructing and deconstructing egg forms in her jewellery from the beginning. To date she has more than a dozen egg inspired rings in an ongoing series.
“It struck me when I first started designing jewellery, that an egg was the perfect shape for a ring, even the yolk is perfectly positioned to represent the void for the finger.”

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