These gold hoop earrings are the ultimate in effortless luxury – a timeless design made from recycled pure 24ct gold.

Deceptively simple in design, they take advantage of the fact that pure gold, designed well, will not suffer from metal fatigue (cracking due to stress) when twisted over time.  The hoops are gently twisted to open at the bottom of the hoop and the action reversed to close.  They stay in securely and I sleep in mine.

Illustrating the different sizes of hoops, available from 10mm to 17mm diameter


Ancient inspiration

Of all the metals I work with, 24ct gold gives me the greatest pleasure.  It is wonderfully soft and malleable, it is reassuringly weighty with an extraordinary depth of colour, rich buttery and golden.

I was looking to create a minimalist design that would to utilise the inherent properties of this beautiful metal. Inspired by ancient designs, gleaned endless afternoons spent wandering around the galleries at the British Museum, this design carries something elemental about it – it could have been made thousands of years ago, or just yesterday.

It is little surprise that it has been so prized over millennia by cultures across the globe. It has a resonance and a consequence.

How are they made?

Taking 24ct gold grains (like tiny nuggets) I melt these at high temperature to form an ingot. See video above to see some of the melting process.  I then drawn the metal down into the required gauge of wire using steel draw plates. The desired length of wire is cut, and one end is tapered for the thin post that will go through the ear.  I then hand forged these into the flattened hoop shape.

I have made a pair of these earrings as an alternative to wedding rings for two female clients. They just didn’t want a traditional wedding ring. They wear one hoop each,  I made these both from one single length of gold, very romantic!

Some clients have started with one pair and then added graduating sizes, getting smaller going up the ear.

How they work

1. Hold the earring on each side between finger and thumbs, with the opening at the top.

2. Twist the finger/thumbs away from each other to bend open. You are going sort of backwards one side and forwards the other.

The bend is happening at the bottom of the earring. Open just enough to fit through the ear hole.

3. Once the ear is through the hole, reverse the operation to close.Check that the two ends have lined up for safety once they are on.

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